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…….. the impossible to find, the holy grail for jazz collectors...



1965 COLUMBIA  Lansdowne series

Columbia Records No. 33SX  1733

Matrix numbers XAX 2770-1U    XAX 2771-1U

Issued  1965 in UK

This is reputed to be, and is no doubt, the hardest to find record in the Lansdowne series with reports that only around 500 copies were pressed. It is also one of the best, this was the accomplished debut by Britain's finest jazz group of the sixties, the Don Rendell-Ian Carr Quintet. Sadly they were not celebrated enough, Rendell & Carr were Britain's answer to Miles & Coltrane but apparently nobody knew. With beautiful, introspective modal numbers & a fine backing group consisting of Colin Purbrook (piano), Dave Green (bass) & Trevor Tomkin (drums), this is the definite Holy Grail of British jazz on vinyl.


Blue Mosque
Latin Blue
Just Blue
Garrison '64
Blue Doom
Shades Of Blue
Big City Strut

Sleeve condition: EX beautifully clean front with the most minimal,barely noticeable corner wear. The back shows just a little age-related loss of whiteness along the top and spine-side edge.The spine is solid and intact  The flipbacks are secure with no lifting. All print remains perfectly legible, including the spine print.  A very nice example that comfortably  meets the 'EX' grade. Comes in original EMI Emitex  poly-lined inner sleeve.


Disc condition: I am grading this at EX but some might grade higher, when viewed under a spot light, a few wispy  hairlines can be seen, consistent with removing/replacing in the inner sleeve. The labels are flawless, with no evidence of spindle trace marks.This one has been well cared for and comes in the original Emitex poly-lined inner sleeve. The audio is superb but staying with EX to be on the side of caution.This is a fine example of one of the rarest recordings which hardly ever shows up at all. It ain't gonna be cheap but when will the next one turn up - too scarce to imagine! DON'T MISS OUT!

Due to the high value of this item, I would prefer to sell within the UK simply because of transit and related insurance issues.

Serious overseas buyers are very welcome to contact me with offers for consideration but due to past experiences, I am not able to sell to users with negative feedbacks or private feedbacks. 

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Although record gradings can often be a matter of personal opinion, we have to find some common ground, and so my gradings are essentially based along the guidelines laid down by the Record Collector publication. However, I will elaborate here in order that you will understand how my gradings are made.


A record described as Mint should be absolutely as new, just as it came out of the factory and in truth, never have been played although this is often difficult to prove or disprove. The sound should be crystal clear with no background noise or deterioration in sound quality.

The cover and any additional items such as posters,inner sleeve or lyric sheets should also be as new, with no creases, stains or writing(an acceptable exception would be the shopkeeper's hand-written price on the rear of the sleeve) which was commom-place in the 60's and 70's, before the days of bar-coding and automated pricing machines.

NEAR MINT (NM) or (M-)

This grading means that the record and/or it's cover are just marginally short of qualifying as being Mint. The vinyl may just show signs of having been played once or twice. The area around the spindle hole should be pretty much free of spindle trace marks, or at least only have the minimum of these marks. In other words, it is close to being Mint but not quite close enough to describe as such.

There may be the very slightest crease marks on the sleeve, or the laminate may have lifted in small areas without detracting too much from it's overall appearance


There will be indications on the vinyl surface that the record has been played, possibly several times but at the same time, it has been well cared for. There should be very little deterioration in the listening experience.

The sleeve/jacket could have minor creasing and/or signs of storage wear/discoloration, particularly on the back. EX- would indicate that the record would qualify for an EX grading apart from perhaps a small initial written on the label or sleeve or a scuff on the label or other very minor defect which does not affect the overall appearance or sound quality of the item.


the record will show significant signs of having been 'well played', it will show surface scratches and/or scuffs but will still play nicely without too much background noise. The cover and extras (lyric sheets etc) will also have creases or normal wear characteristics which are usually acceptable for this grade. VG+ and VG- are simply up and down variations on this grading, depending on the degree of wear and tear.


The record has obviously been played or mis-treated so much that the sound quality is not what it used to be, but may be acceptable depending on the criteria of the individual collector. It will have several surface scratches and/or other defects but may still be useful as a 'gap filler' within a collection. The sleeve will probably be creased badly, torn or repaired with sellotape. Album sleeves may have crushed or damaged spines caused by bad storage etc.



This grade may be  only just about playable, with 'skips and jumps' and not really worth having UNLESS it is exceptionally rare, in which case it could serve as a 'gap filler'. I will not list any item in this condition unless it was mega-rare and this would be shown clearly in the description, so that there is no doubt about it.






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