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DAVID BOWIE -- The rarest BOWIE record  IN THE WORLD




This is a dream piece for the most serious Bowie collector .Of the 5 that were originally made this is the ONLY ONE that made it out of the mastering lab.The rest like 99.9 % of all acetates were destroyed after they had served their purpose .


This unique item contains 4 tracks that went on Bowie`s 1974 Classic Diamond Dogs album and they are FUTURE LEGEND, REBEL REBEL,BIG BROTHER ,CHANT OF THE EVER CIRCLING SKELETAL FAMILY. Skeletal Family is not listed on the record sleeve because this was PRIOR to the LP RECORDING , and at this stage , Big Brother + Sleletal family were still listed as one song !

Another interesting point is,  on the finished LP,  at the end of Future legend Bowie shouts `this aint rock `n `roll this is genocide`, then as we know it Diamond Dogs would begin. On here its ,`this aint rock `n` roll this is genocide` then striaght into Rebel Rebel , joined together just as Diamond dogs and Future Legend ended up on the final cut of the LP , so its very safe to assume Bowie`s first intentions were to start the LP with Future Legend followed by Rebel Rebel !

I have played this acetate ONCE and it sounds incredible (couldnt resist it) I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING SO CRYSTAL CLEAR .The sound of the instruments and Bowie`s voice are truly astounding .Playing acetates is detrimental to the laquer and indeed if you buy one through the major auction houses ie. Southerbys ,Christies , Cooper Owen , acetates are always sold AS IS  . This is MINT and has been played only a few times and never been cleaned.

Still in the original cover with the original grease proof paper (Acetates should not be handled with naked skin) due to age the cover has foxing .


 Acetates are the first step in the transfer of music from an electronic signal to the actual pressed record. They allow the artist and producer + musicians to hear what the finished record will sound like without going through the time and expence of starting up the huge record making machines and pressing the actual record.After all , they may decide they dont like a particular version of a song , so change it ,or not release it at all .

    Acetates are also known as MASTERS or REFERENCE DISCS and are NOT made of Vynil. Acetates are made out of aluminum coated with a cellulose acetate. Thus while they look like records they weigh approximatly 5 or 6 times as much !

      Promotional copies and even test pressings pale in comparison to acetates both in terms of sound quality and moreso in terms of rarety . And here`s why.

     The cellulose acetate for these laquers is made at the very highest level of quality controll.

  Acetates are also very expensive to manufacture therefor record companies normally make only 5 copies of any one record.

After a recording has been taped edited and equalised ,an uncut acetate or "blank" , is sent to the mastering Lab where it is played through an electronic lathe system and electronically transmitted to a cutting needle so that the music litterally cuts microscopic wiggles analouges to the sound waves that they represent directly into the acetate coating.Because of this direct cutting from the master tape and the high quality of the cellulose the sound is SUBSTANTIALLY SUPERIOR to that of a record.

     An acetate which has been approoved by the artist and producer is called a MASTER LAQUER .After the laquer has been cut it is sent to a factory to be electroplated with nickel.

A label from either the mastering lab or record company is usually glued to the disc. Reference  discs may have no label at all and MASTER LAQUERS ( as in the case of this master laquer) rarely do .

Acetates are normally packaged in plain paper sleeves also as is the case here. Some are also packaged in metal tins.

After the music on the Master or reference disc has been recieved and the record pressed , the acetate is then discarded as useless by the industrie because its job has been done .Making acetates the highest of the high in regards to record collecting.




Acetates should be treated with much more care than records due to the brittleness of the cellulose , and the action of playing an acetate with the phonograph needle is quite damaging to the disc surface. Its advisable to play it once , record it to tape and carefully store it away .Acetates chip easily and have a very unique clean sort of chemical smell (quite fascinating, you can smell this from 4 feet away).


Ive taken many photographs from different angles and if im lucky you will be able to see the aluminum through the spindle hole.

 When you consider the rarety of this TOTALLY UNIQUE item combined with the collectability of the Diamond Dogs LP the reserve is very low.

Also take into account the amount of Bowie singles that go way over £1000 like the original Lisa Jane on Vocalion and theres 500 of those out there , to the real collector this is for nothing !

This is how the classic Diamond Dogs album was made . And to this day this process of electronically cutting the arstists sound onto a metal disc coated in ridiculassly expensve cellulose laquer , has still not been improoved upon , and was back then and indeed now ,State of the art sound engineering.

More importantly than that , its a peak behind the scenes at the making of one of the most important LPS and intrieging times in Davids entire career.Diamond Dogs was an important turning point and this unique item is indeed a genuine piece of David Bowie rock history , so if you want to be part of that history , and be the envy of the most serious collectors around the world , then WIN THIS .

A 4 track acetate from DAVID BOWIE`S Diamond Dogs masterpiece with the original intended opening order .To think David Bowie himself , sat down played this and said ` Yes thats it , its finished , just put diamond dogs where Rebel Rebel is .` Well , does David Bowie collecting fly any higher than this ?

When will you ever get the oppertunity to own such a prize from one of the worlds most collectable artists ?


If you need any more pictures or info , just ask.

First class insured Postage worldwide is on me .

Payment preferd is through the bank . Winner to pay bank fees at both ends . If using paypal please email prior to auction end for the small paypal % to be added.




   WIN IT .



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