Current 93-Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes, Rehearsals And Live 82-95......C93
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Current 93-Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes, Rehearsals And Live 82-95/Christ And The Pale Queens, mighty In Their Sorrow/The Red Face Of God/Emblems/As The World Disappears - Vinyl On Demand Records. All records are mint and undamaged in any way.
Very rare item that comes up for sale very infrequently. Stunning set. T shirt is short sleeve (see pictures)

PLEASE NOTE: This box set is the red vinyl version, some of the original red discs were damaged by the glue used to line the wooden boxes with fabric, Vinyl On Demand stepped up and offered replacements to purchasers for the damaged vinyls which I received but they are unfortunately not Red. I still have the Red vinyls that were replaced which I’m happy to supply with the box set. On one of the clasps that secure the wooden boxes has lost a small part, (please see last picture) it’s unnoticeable really.

Condition is "Like New”. Free postage. Will be shipped DPD24 fully insured.
Please check the notes for the release contents, everything is included. I am willing to accept sensible offers on this set as well as all my other listings.


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Current 93 ?– Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes, Rehearsals And Live 82-95 / Christ And The Pale Queens, Mighty In Their Sorrow / The Red Face Of God / Emblems / As The World Disappears

Label:Vinyl-on-demand ?– VOD 74, Vinyl-on-demand ?– VOD 75Format:Box Set, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered 
8 × Vinyl, LP 
Vinyl, 7" 
Country:GermanyReleased:2010Genre:Electronic, Non-Music, Folk, World, & CountryStyle:Industrial, Neofolk, Abstract, Experimental


A1Falling Back In Fields Of RapeA2Hitler As KalkiA3The Sound Of Silence / Falling Back In Fiends Of Rape / Maldoror Is Dead / Raio No Terraus (Jesus Wept)A4When A Man Is Kicked He Often Kicks BackB1Silence As Christine Under The Thunder Perfect MindB2Red HouseB3A Lament For My SuzanneB4A Song For Douglas After He's DeadB5They Returned To Their Earth (For My Christ Thorn)B6Oh Coal Black SmithC1The Fall Of Christopher RobinC2To Blackened EarthC3Silence As ChristineC4Father's In The FieldsC5The Innermost Light / Patripassian Loop / GreensleevesD1Westron WyndeD2Love's Young DreamD3In The Heart Of The Wood (And What I Found There)D4Earth Covers EarthD5Falling Back In Fields Of RapeE1BenedictionE2The Red Face Of GodE3Happy BirthdayE4Black Flowers PleaseE5Christ And The Pale Queens, Mighty In Their SorrowF1The Summer Of LoveF2HourglassF3Rome (For Douglas P.)F4BeF5Oh Coal Black SmithF6Since YesterdayG1St. Peter's Keys All BloodyG2Falling Back In Fields Of RapeG3Maldoror RisingG4Raio No Terrasu (Jesus Wept)G5Happy BirthdayH1St. Peter's Keys All BloodyH2Falling Back In Fields Of RapeH3Great Black TimeI1DögunI2Forever ChangingI3The Ballad Of The Pale ChristJ1Christ And The Pale QueensK1NightL1The Red Face Of GodL2The Breath And Pain Of GodM1Suzanne: She And I In Darkness We Lay And LieM2Maldoror Is Ded Ded Ded DedM3Silence As ChristineN1HoovesN2Our Lady Of HorsiesN3The Signs And The Sighs Of EmptinessN4The Sadness Of Things (Excerpt)N5In Sadness SangO1'Khor Ba'i Nyes dMigsO2Lament For HerO3The Death Of The CornO4A Song For Douglas After He's DeadO5Terra Tegit TeramP1BeP2HoovesP3HorseyP4They Returned To Their Earth (For My Christ Thorn)P5A Song For Douglas After He's DeadQ1ImperiumQ2Oh Coal Black SmithR1Falling Back In Fields Of RapeR2KillKillKilly (A Fire Sermon)


Both wooden Boxes (VOD74 and VOD75) delivered in deluxe silk-screened and embossed fine-linen folder to complete and protect the 2 wooden boxes.
Contains both "Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes, Rehearsals and Live 82-95 + Christ And The Pale Queens, Mighty in Their Sorrow/ The Red Face of God/ Emblems/ As the World Disappears".
Comes in 2 large wooden boxes with metal clasps. Also includes a red fold-out cloth poster, a bonus 7" record, booklets, several inserts, and a long sleeve shirt. 
Comes in a large decorated cloth box.
Released by the Vinyl on Demand Records label (VOD 74/75) in 2010. 
Limited edition of 99 copies.

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