CONTEXT 70 psych freak high school DIY obscurity

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CONTEXT 70 psych freak high school DIY obscurity

Context 70 - Southside Senior High School (no company label or number), 1970. 

Crazy psychedelic rarity from Southside Senior High School, which is/was supposedly somewhere on Long Island, NY.  This one is all over the place.  I'll let the good folks at the Acid Archives describe it for you: 

"Context '70" 1970 (no label)   Very obscure DIY high school project LP of which only a few copies are known to exist. High points include two long fuzz/organ instrumental freakouts, a girl garage band, and some folk moves. Jug-band stuff, bizarre poetry and crude classical round out the set. There's also a funny spoken introduction proclaiming it to come courtesy of "WTHC"radio. Interesting LP with plenty of 1970 NYC zeitgeist and a high freak value, though schizophrenic and local to the max. [PL]

Not much more to add to that other than that it is listed in Hans Pokora's Record Collectors Dreams 1001 with the ultimate 6 disc rating.   Yep, they don't get much better or harder to find than this one.   Has this appeared for sale anywhere in the last three years?   I don't know.  Probably.  But I've only seen it on people's WANT LISTS.   So . . . here it is.  My copy is up for grabs.  Get it while you can.

I rarely list items with reserve prices, but I must do so for this one.  It's a reasonable reserve, considering the condition and rarity of the piece.   Cover and record are near mint.  I might downgrade the cover to VG+ since someone has written his/her initials in black magic marker (approx. 3/8" high x 5/8" long) on one of the cover photos. 

Extensive liner notes (on the front cover, no less!).  The back cover is a cool, crude, home-made drawing of pink & black flowers and swirls.   The labels on the record say only "Context 70, South Side Senior High School, Stereo" and one label is blue and the other is yellow and, interestingly, BOTH are marked as "Side Two".   (The side with the yellow label is actually side one.)

Cool song titles/selections:   "The Radio Show Intro"/Ira Luft, "Washington at Valley Forge"/The Amalgamated Pickle Plant and Home Brew Distillery", "Interlude"/Nina Blomquist, "Happy Mother's Day"/The Amalgamated ....etc., "Paula"/Lance Rubin, "Gertrude"/Emmanuel Angel, "The Wishbone"/Margery Rudman vs. Norman Levine, "Hide Your Love"/Adam's Rib, "Augurs of Spring"/DaSilva & DaSilva, "Linda Is Beautiful"/Mike Roth, "The Unfinished Symphony"/The Amalgamated ....etc., "Cheeseburger Lament (from Omlette)"/Mitchell Algus, "Rainbows"/Sugarman, Jarrell & Rosenbaum, "Melancholy"/Landes & Schumer, "Epstein's Disgruntlement"/Louis Epstein, "Forest Green"/Sue McCormick, "Pickengratchen"/Emmanuel Angel, "The Plastic Idyll"/David Schlecker vs. Louis Epstein, "It's a Fashion"/Mike Roth & Emmanuel Angel, "The End"/HB&W Inc.

This is one crazy, funny, cool, far-out record.  Imagine if the Wiggin Sisters of Shaggs fame had a dope-ified sense of humor and could actually jam out on their instruments.  Way, way cool.  There's some real talent here.

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