CONTENTS ARE Through You LP/Mega-Rare 1967/OOP SHADOKS
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CONTENTS ARE 'Through You' LP (Germany, Shadoks, Catalogue #090) Brand new/unplayed copy (warehouse find here) of limited (edition of 450 copies only) and now long SOLD OUT/OUT OF PRINT Shadoks label LP edition of mega-rare and at one time virtually unknown custom label pressing (100 now near extinct original copies pressed back in 1967) album by obscure Iowa garage folkrock band the Contents Are. This was one of the Shadoks lablel's most highly anticipated and lauded releases and the vinyl edition sold out almost instantaneously. Fantastic album.



'The Contents Are was one of many sixties bands from the Quad City's fertile garage music scene. With labels/studios like Fredlo and IGL, it was a very healthy regional area for bands with an unusually high per capita for record releases. Up until the recent discovery of an original copy a couple years ago, it was only rumored to exist and remained an enigma with hardcore record collectors. In most cases, the Contents Are were only known by astute collectors for their two excellent 45 releases. Well, the mystery is over, and here's your chance to hear one of the rarest & greatest garage records ever recorded. Here's the story about the record: Four high school seniors from Iowa decide to release an album of all original tunes, and was exclusively sold at their live shows. Originally released on the Rok label (a subsidiary of the already obscure Fredlo label) in 1967 with only 100 copies pressed. These guys were not your typical garage band - talented players, professional grade vocalists and no cover songs!!! Their music is a nice blend of garage rock with hints of hipster folk and early psychedelic influences. As good if not better as other similar top shelf rarities like Mystery Meat and the Bachs, but no major quantity find making original copies of the Contents Are ten times rarer. Get it or miss it!'

'Long only rumored to exist, a copy of this 1967 custom pressing was discovered a few years back. Known among garage collectors for two local 45s, the Contents Are were an ambitious quartet with an unusually cutting edge sound for mid-'60s Iowa. Clearly influenced by Rubber Soul-era Beatles, they wrote mature beat and folkrock with tempo shifts, harmony vocals and advanced chord progressions. By the time of this bid for industry recognition, they had also incorporated emerging westcoast sounds into their music, echoing Buffalo Springfield in particular. Parallels to the Blue Things could be made, although I would venture that this is a better and more consistent album than their Kansas counterpart (despite a somewhat lo-fi recording.) I'm also reminded a bit of the best tracks on the second Leaves album. Most of the thirteen originals are delivered in the same mid-tempo, minor key style, so some patience is needed for those expecting Nuggets style teen flash. The opening "Country Roads" is a good place to sample the substantial talents of the Contents Are.' - Patrick Lundborg/Acid Archives

High-quality 180-gram vinyl pressing.

Tracks on this LP are as follows:

  • Country Roads
  • The Dream Of My Predictions
  • Uni-Love
  • Peace At Last
  • In Trouble
  • No Chance To Choose
  • Tonight In Venice
  • Unconcerned
  • Don't Take My Freedom
  • Recurring Changes
  • No Need To Be Blamed
  • If You're Relaxing
  • Brother Abbot

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