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On offer this week I am auctioning off THE two greatest Charlie Parker record rarities in TWO SEPARATE AUCTIONS!! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Firstly, on offer is "CHARLIE PARKER: THE BIRD BLOWS THE BLUES: DIAL LP-1", this the first long playing jazz record ever released (in the spring of 1949), which was pressed in a run of probably less than fifty, only available by mail order directly from the company AND only for a period of about three weeks, when it then became Dial LP-901!! Secondly, on offer is a complete set of the three legendary and mythical bootleg 10” 78 rpm recordings: THE BLACK DEUCE: A NITE AT CARNEGIE HALL (Parts 1-6) with DIZZY GILLESPIE And CHARLIE PARKER, incredible AS NEW, UNPLAYED condition!!!


Needless to say these records are EXTREMELY RARE with less than ten copies of Dial LP-1 in existence and complete sets of the BLACK DEUCE 78’s also impossible to find, with this possibly being the only unplayed complete set extant!!


On offer in this listing is the first 33 rpm jazz LP ever issued, namely the 12” LP consisting of master and alternate takes by CHARLIE PARKER, titled ‘THE BIRD BLOWS THE BLUES’ on Dial LP-1. The Black Deuce 78 rpm set is listed in the other separate auction and is not included in this auction!!


After <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Columbia introduced the 33 rpm long playing jazz record in late 1948, Ross Russell of Dial Records, because of repeated requests to issue alternate takes of sides by Charlie Parker, thought about issuing these requested titles on a long playing record. This plan finally came to fruition in the spring of 1949 with the introduction of Dial LP-1. This record was unusual for two reasons. Not only was it the first long playing jazz album introduced, it was a 12” LP and not the expected 10” record. Up to that time 12” LP releases were reserved for serious classical music, with the 10” format used for more commercial and popular sides by Columbia. Russell bucked the trend and decided to make this first release, with the B-side consisting of alternate master takes, a 12” release.


The June 3, 1949 issue of Downbeat carried an ad for Dial LP-1, with the record reviewed in the July 29th issue. I’ve included scans of these in the listing. As stated in the ad, the record was made available only as a ‘Limited Mail Order Edition’ from Dial Records for $5.00 including tax and shipping. It was sent in a plain jacket. Dial LP-1 was available only for a very short period of time as mail order sales were extremely slow, and by the summer of 1949 Russell was planning to introduce a series of CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS of 20th century classical music, where the first release in that series was given the designation Dial LP-1!


Because of poor mail order sales and the reassignment of Dial LP-1 to a Contemporary Classics release, the Charlie Parker Dial LP-1 release was reassigned the number Dial LP-901, and was subsequently distributed and sold in retail outlets. It is difficult to determine how many copies of LP-1 were pressed, but since this was a trial release of sorts to test the LP market, I don’t think it would be more than 100 copies and probably more like 50 copies. I personally know of eight or nine copies extant.


This record was listed in the second edition of “Goldmine’s Price Guide To Collectible Jazz Albums 1949-1969” by Neal Umphred, published in 1994, with a value of $3,000-$6,000. (I’ve scanned this listing below the Downbeat ad and review). But interestingly it was NOT listed in the 3rd edition of the Goldmine Guide by Tim Neely. I contacted Tim and ask him why the omission of Dial LP-1 and he frankly stated that he had never seen a copy of Dial LP-1 or heard of anyone who had a copy, thus his decision to remove it from the guide. The only other valuation of this LP I have ever seen was in the March 1999 issue of JAZZIZ magazine, where it was valued at $8,000 to $10,000. Again I’ve scanned this article citation from Jazziz magazine.


The condition of the offered LP is Very Good (VG) with scratches and scuffs that are audible at times, but on my system it plays through with no distortion. Both labels are clean and unmarked except for a light spot of discoloration on the B-side label. Since the few people that purchased this LP were intent on playing it, and playing it a lot, this is an above average copy of this rarity.


Please see all the SUPERSIZED SCANS of the record, the labels close-up, and the documents mentioned above. I invite any and all questions and requests for further scans to interested parties. Shipping will be insured and traceable with the cost dependent on your location and the amount of the winning bid that the insurance will be based on. The LP will be TRIPLE BOXED for safety and your peace of mind! Please note that the dimensions and weight of the shipping box below are only approximate!!


Preferred payment is by International US Dollar Money Order or certified cheque. I will however accept PayPal if the buyer helps me out with the very high fees they charge international clients.


Many thanks for looking and good luck to everyone. Please be sure to check out the other great Charlie Parker rarity I have currently listed, namely a complete unplayed set of the three 10” 78 rpm records, ‘A NITE AT CARNEGIE HALL’ parts 1-6, by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie on ‘THE BLACK DEUCE’, the rarest and most significant 78 rpm release of the modern jazz era.


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