Buddy Holly - That'll Be The Day - 1955 Demo Acetate

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Buddy Holly - That'll Be The Day - 1955 Demo Acetate

On Dec 3rd 1955, Nashville agent Eddie Crandall sent a telegram (by Western Union), to Dave Stone at radio station KDAV Lubbock, Texas. The telegram read:

"Have Buddy Holly cut 4 original songs on ascetate (sic) dont change his style at all. Get these to me as soon as possible air mail special"

Eddie Crandell had been impressed when he had heard Buddy on Dave Stone's show on radio KDAV.  This was the telegram which eventually led to Buddy's recording contract with Decca records.

After a huge amount of input from numerous sources including those who have listened to it, this is believed to be the one sided white label 7" acetate single voice track only recording of Buddy Holly singing "That'll Be The Day" as recorded by Dave Stone of Radio KDAV and requested by Eddie Crandall in December 1955.

You will be lucky to see another Buddy Holly recording as rare as this in your lifetime.

The acetate itself has a white label on the non playing side and no label (bare metal where the label should be) on the playing side. There is also a second hole which can be seen through the label.

The white label side is in poor condition with numerous cracks, some minor lifting and a small chip out of the soft cellulose recording medium. This is a one sided recording only and luckily there is no recording on this side of the acetate.

That'll be the day is hand written in faded blue ink on the top of the white label. 78 R.P.M is hand written at the bottom of the label. I would only be guessing that these may have been added later to the acetate but I can't be sure. If anything, That'll be the day is likely to be the original scrawling of Dave Stone? as it is fairly faded. 78 R.P.M is handwritten in a darker blue ink and interestingly in different (somewhat cursive) handwriting.

The good news is that the no label side plays from start to finish with no hop, skip or jump at all. There is a fair amount of crackling noise, and visually this side is scratched up with very minor cracking, however for an acetate that is now in it's 52nd year of existence I remain impressed by the sound quality.

The acetate contains no supporting instruments at all. The recording is purely a recording of Buddy Holly's singing voice. Holly sings "That'll Be The Day" from start to finish, there is then some faint but audible background clapping, muffled talking and laughing before Holly moves on to commence singing (about 10 seconds or so) of "Oh, Boy" before the acetate runs out of recording time.

I don't think much more needs to be said.

If you are a collector, don't let this one slip.

I am happy to offer a full refund to the buyer within 30 days of the payment date if for whatever reason the buyer can reasonably prove that this item is not in fact the item as described above. My only condition on the refund is that the item must be returned in the same condition as which it was sold.

The item location is Australia. The item was uncovered at an estate sale. There is no reserve pricing.

The item will be heavily packed and padded due to it's rarity and fragility.

Insurance is mandatory and will be discussed with the successful buyer.

The Item will be shipped signed for International.

Thank you and good luck.

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