Beatles White Album on White Vinyl French Pressing

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End Date: 2010-07-28
Start Date: 2010-07-21
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Beatles White Album on White Vinyl French Pressing

 Hello and welcome to our auction of a beautiful copy of the Beatles' White Album on white vinyl.  This is a French pressing of this album.  The vinyl itself is Apple label.  On the album itself it says "made in France by Pathe Marconi EMI."  The catalog number on the album is SMO 2051\2.  On the front of the album there is a sticker that reads "Disques en pate blance tirage limite."  I can't read French but it seems to say something along the lines of white vinyl limited edition.

On to the condition of the album and jacket.  It is first important to note that the inserts for this album are not here.  There are no photos, etc that would normally accompany the White Album. 
Records:  All 4 sides are extremely clean with no scuffs, scratches, etc.  There is a small amount of spindle wear on the albums so it is assumed they have been played.  However visual inspection of the vinyl shows no signs of being played at all.  I would easily rate the albums at VG+.  Many would probably grade at a higher level, but I would rather be a little low and have the winning bidder be excited at a better copy. 
Jacket:  There are no seam splits at all in the jacket.  No major creases, tears, rips etc.  The corners do have some rounding to them.  Overall would grade at VG+.

This contains all the original tracks from the White Album.  Let us know if you need a track listing.

If you have any questions, need photos, etc please ask and we will respond ASAP.

International bidders welcome, however shipping charges will be more.  Ebay pricing for shipping does not take in consideration insurance, delivery confirmation.  If you want these services it will be in addition to regular shipping charges.

Thanks for looking and good luck!

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