Beatles 45 PROMO "BEATLES INTRODUCE NEW SONGS" Capitol PRO 2720 w/Asterisk - NM
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"THE BEATLES INTRODUCE NEW SONGS" Capitol Records PROMO (PRO 2720)"Asterisk" stamped into the Dead Wax!All authentic versions feature this ASTERISK. Without it, the item isCOUNTERFEIT, of which many have turned up over the years.
About as beautiful a vinyl as we've seen in years! Near Perfect! You won't ever find a better one!


    Every feature of this 45 issued by Capitol Records indicates it's completely AUTHENTIC! 

Since we're selling this for another owner and friend, we cannot offer any REFUNDS or RETURNS. 
This has always been one of the most difficult BEATLES 45s to find and was a PROMOTIONAL ONLY -NOT FOR SALE record issued in August 1964. The Songs on it (none of which are by the BEATLESare:  (1) "IT'S FOR YOU"  by Cilla Black  and (2) "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN"  by Peter And  Gordon. Purchased as described herein.
On the "A" Side, John Lennon introduces the Cilla Black  tune, and Paul McCartney introduces the Peter & Gordon  track. The "B" Side features the same songs without introductions. The Vinyl  and Labels on both sides are in gorgeous "NEAR PERFECT" condition! Most importantly, a Stamped ASTERISK appears in the DEAD WAX on each side confirming it's authenticity.  
There are known thousands of FAKES out there, but if the item does NOT have an ASTERISK STAMPED into the Dead Wax on both sides as this one has, it's unquestionably a COUNTERFEIT.  (This did NOT come with a Picture Sleeve.)  

Please make only REASONABLE OFFERS! All others will be rejected.
Almost impossible to find! 
  This is a great example of this extremely rare record. And even more important is the question of how many have actually survived 54+ YEARS LATER and in what condition are they in today?
   All BEATLES  pricing is reflective of the latest BEATLES PRICE GUIDES. In addition, our pricing is based on the    condition, rarity, and scarcity. There are many existing BEATLES PRICE GUIDES available, however keep in mind    that many are now several years old and don't reflect accurate or current market values, regardless of who the authors    are or whatever their so-called "expertise" might be. Please feel free to ask any questions or request additional photos! 
   Please feel free to ask questions and request additional photos PRIOR TO PURCHASE! 
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CATEGORY:  Extremely "RARE" Collectible to be purchased as is and as described.

Price Guides like GOLDMINE are OK for general music, however when it comes to specific "Super Groups" like THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES, and others, they are quite conservative and have a tendency to grossly undervalue most hi-end items. Based upon the opinions of most knowledgeable experts and collectors, their BEATLES  pricing is generally not reflective of today's market values.
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 Our Catalog # BINS-PRO-CAP-2720AB
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