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The Beatles
(White Album)
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Germany 1976 ~ 4th Press ~ #173,289
German Light Green Apple ~ STEREO ~ 1C 172-04 173/74
U-N-P-L-A-Y-E-D (!!) ~ Overall MINT- Condition
"Deutscher Schallplattenpreis"

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Record Details  Origin    Germany Release Type   Original Release Format   Album, 12", GateFold Label   Light Green Apple Catalog No   1C 172-04 173/74 Pressing   4th THIS Copy issued   1976 Sound Mix   stereo  Overall Grading   NEAR MINT / MINT MINUS
(please see Details) Matrix Side A   04173 A-1 Matrix Side B   04173 B-1 Matrix Side C   04174 A-1x Matrix Side D   04174 B-2 beabay CID ORWHASDE04 (PICS 61)   Overview Pressings  1st WW   Germany, October 29, 1968, Apple SMO 2051/52 2nd   1970, Green Apple, 1C 192-04 173/4
"Deutscher Schallplattenpreis" 3rd   1973, Green Apple, 1C 188-04 173/4
(part of box set) 4th   1976, Light Green Apple, 1C 172-04 173/74 5th   1978, Green Apple, 1C 172-04 173/4
special edition on white vinyl 6th   1981, Green Apple, 1C 172-04 173/4 7th   1983, Green Apple, 1C 172-04 173/4 8th   1985, Green Apple, 1C 2LP 172 10 4173 3 9th   1986, Green Apple, 1C 2LP 172 10 4173 3 10th   1986, Parlophone, 172-7 91462 1 11th   1988, Parlophone/EMI, 164-7 91460 1 DMM
Teldec Electrola Digital Metal Mastered (DMM) 12th   Nov 13, 2012, EMI, B0041KVZ18,
"Original Recording Remastered"
(not numbered, no "standard" portraits and collage poster,
but several colored pictures) back to TOP NOTE If you're not looged in thru the U.K. eBay site, you can watch all of our OTHER RECORDS here .   To help you to catalog your collection items, every record comes with a beabay VINYL DATA SHEET that has all release details, an overview of all related pressings, and proof of purchase.
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  Up for auction here is an unplayed White Album that -considering its age of 38 years- virtually looks like just taken from the local record store. It's the German fourth press, published in 1976, appreciated with "Deutscher Schallplattenpreis" ("German Record Award"), as indicated by the round golden sticker on upper front of cover. An honor founded by "fono forum", assigned by "Deutsche Phono-Akademie" between 1963 and 1992. It certainly has all four glossy John Kelly color portraits as well as the While Hamilton collage poster with lyrics on back. The "whole package" is in a stunning condition. While the cover, due to its history of being on a shelf for almost four decades, is in a near mint condition, "everything else", like vinyl, labels, and enclosures, clearly grade MINT MINUS.

It goes without saying that this double album is a superb collectible. If there's a gap in your line of German White Albums at pressing # 4, you'll hardly be able to miss the chance to bridge it right here and now. Finding a copy of that awesome quality, in particular with regards to the White Album's "pale vulnerability" is everything but easy - that is a fact.

As a "supplemental service", some words on "magic numbers": This copy is numbered # 173,289. And although the sequential numbering of the covers remains somewhat of a mystery, collectors should bear in mind that numbering in U.K. and Germany were completely independent on each other, regarding both its sequencing and numbers themselves, hence both countries started with "000001".
Germany is the worldwide first country releasing the White Album, and German pressings came as stereo mixes only. Provided the fact that the worldwide first press, Germany's stereo version, was sold at least 500,000 copies within the first months...
... you have a guess regarding the "real" number of any White Album published outside Germany. That is why we consider one of our German copies -#000364 for instance- a real "under 1,000" album. A thing discussed time and again with other collectors - but that's the good thing with "collecting the Fabs", it's more or less a "science", right?

Please see grading details for a more elaborate description of the record's condition.

IMPORTANT NOTE for GERMAN BIDDERS: Please constact us before bidding, for otherwise we will remove your bid without prior notice. This is in view of constantly recurring problems, often caused by language. It's NOT an offense. Collectors want harmony and consensus, not trouble.  

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Also wish to thank all ebay users for not out bidding me. lol
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john spurn
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    Visual Grading  Cover Front NMCover Back NMCover Inside NMCover Spine NMInner Sleeve Disc One   [N/A]
(plain) Inner Sleeve Disc Two   [N/A]
(plain) John Kelly color portraits MINT-While Hamilton collage poster MINT-Label Side A MINT-Label Side B MINT-Label Side C MINT-Label Side D MINT-Vinyl Side A MINT-Vinyl Side B MINT-Vinyl Side C MINT-Vinyl Side D MINT-   Audio Grading  Side A [N/A]Side B [N/A]  We use superb vinyl equipment with its heart being an Ortofan Diamond System and gold plated contacts all around.
Audible checks are performed with a Pro-Ject Audio system connected to a DENON PMA 520-AE amplifier, with a Sennheiser 350 headset.     Remarks   As for the Cover and related issues, please refer to pictures provided right after.
Spine is in a 100 percent perfect condition. MINT-.
The fully laminated cover is completely glossy, made of strong cardboard. Absolutely clean insertion slot, no cuts, nothing. Slightest signs of ring wear, more or less credited to the "White nature" of the jacket, when, after 38 years, color starts to something yellow. NM.
Both labels are absolutely clean. Bright, shiny Green, and White, respectively. No writings, stains, tears, or spots. Perfect spindle hole. MINT-.
Vinyl is shiny, both sides. No hairlines, scuffs, or marks. MINT-.

All four John Kelly color portraits look like brand-new. Straight edges, no stains, no rips, or cuts, bright colors. Same applies to the While Hamilton collage poster. All inclosures MINT-.

NOT audio graded, cos record is UNPLAYED.

Please keep in mind that an opinion is bound to be subjective. Refer to pictures, provided extensively.
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