Arcadium - Breathe Awhile Middle Earth MDLS 302 1st & 2nd Press UK Albums

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Arcadium - Breathe Awhile Middle Earth MDLS 302  1st & 2nd Press UK Albums


Here from my 60s rare album collection are 2 gems by Arcadium - Breathe Awhile on the Middle Earth Label MDLS 302 UK  These originally came to me from an associate of the band.

Arcadium was an obscure British psychedelic band of the 1960s. They had their start playing at such clubs as The Middle Earth (where every act you can imagine from well known, like Pink Floyd, to little known acts like Writing on the Wall, Wooden O, and Tam White were seen performing there). A small record company called Middle Earth, tried to bring these obscure bands to the attention of the wider public and released five albums, one being Breathe Awhile by Arcadium, which was the band's one and only LP.

The band consisted of brothers Allan Ellwood (organ, vocals) and Robert Ellwood (lead guitar, vocals), as well as John Albert Parker (drums), Graham Best (bass, vocals), and Miguel Sergides (12-string guitar, vocals). The music is pure '60s British psychedelia with some early prog leanings, where guitar and Hammond organ dominates.

Today this is an impossibly rare and expensive album, with the first pressing which is on offer here being in ex condition and the second pressing on offer here being in ex + condition. 

Side One opens ominously with a slow burn bad trip number called "On My Way" which clocks in at over 9 minutes, this track has an early Doors quality to it and also reminds me of things on UFO's second album "Flying", the song keeps building and building into a full blown nightmare, Sergides' vocals sound like a man who has a lot of bad things on his mind, sure he's on his way, but to where?

"Poor Lady" is an exciting and convincing psych-rocker with great backup vocals and some wonderful guitar fills, this sounds like USA group Spirit circa 1968. "Walk On The Bad Side" is a Procol Harum meets Peter Hammill bummer ballad with some nice organ touches the song really ignites about midway through into another full on acid-rocker.

"Woman Of A Thousand Years" is not the Danny Kirwan penned Fleetwood Mac song but an absolutely eerie mid paced original, the highlight of the song are the haunting background vocals. "Change Me" begins in the group's usual doomy fashion with organ and what sounds like an electric sitar, the singer again sounds like he's fighting a losing with life and on the verge of collapse.

"It Takes A Woman" picks up the pace a bit, it opens with some energetic guitar/organ interplay and then really catches fire, the guitar chords sound like The Association's "Along Comes Mary" while the organ brings to mind the mood of the second Terry Reid album.

The album finishes with it's best song called "Birth, Life and Death" a 10 plus minute psychedelic tour de force that begins with air raid sirens then shifts dramatically into a blazing acid drenched guitar/organ workout, the piece slows down at about 5 minutes in and becomes a diseased Van Der Graaf Generator type thing in the "Pawn Hearts" frame of mind, the song's coda is a spooky death dirge that leaves you feeling quite unsettled, the singers are all chanting "Goodbye, Goodbye My World".


This record is no day at the beach, in fact it is a really convincing blast of dark psychedelia that you may want to take in small doses.

While the original LP is very hard to come by, it is a real gem worth looking for and here ARE 2 albums on open auction!   The first album which would grade at ex condition has slight corner wear to the cover but the spine and main body of the cover is strong and clean.  Both vinyl's shine and look in ex condition with clean labels.  There are a couple of very slight stylus lines to be seen under light on top of the vinyl on the first pressing but these are non feelable and would not affect any audio return.  The second album looks unplayed.

Contact me for a buy price if you prefer not to wait!


1. I'm On My Way (11:51)
2. Poor Lady (3:59)
3. Walk On The Bad Side (7:35)
4. Woman Of A Thousand Years (3:39)
5. Change Me (4:47)
6. It Takes A Woman (3:53)
7. Birth, Life And Death (10:19)

Bonus Tracks on CD Releases:
8. Sing My Song (4:18)
9. Riding Alone (2:48)

Total Time: 51:29

Although I believe my description speaks louder than any photos can, please ask if you want to see more photos and I will send them to you.

Comes with a no quibble full money return guarantee.





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