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Martha Argerich

London Symphony Orchestra

Dir. Claudio Abbado

Chopin: piano concerto nr 1

Liszt: piano concerto nr 1

Label: Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft - SLPM 139 383 - Stereo - Tulip - Made in Germany - 1968 

Record: NM   Sound: NM   Cover:  NM

!!! Read Grading Below !!!

(Grading is adjusted to each described record)

IMPORTANT NOTE: As I live outside the USA (in Belgium) and the new Ebay policy considers everybody that sells on as being located IN the USA (concerning domestic shipping cost), the shipping cost on the search result lists ($4) for USA is wrong!!!!!!

These are the real shipping costs:

Please, wait for my invoice before paying! With buying my records you are agreeing with the shipping costs as listed here:

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Shipping cost up to 3 LP's outside <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Europe:

27,20 $

Shipping cost up to 3 LP's for Europe (incl USA):

Belgium: 6,20 € or 8,20 $ or pick up

Europe + USA: 16,60 $


COMBINED POSTAGE IS POSSIBLE AND CHEAPER:   Packages up to 2 kg (shipped from The Netherlands) :   Outside Europe  = 38 $

Luxemburg, Denemarken, Duitsland, Frankrijk Italie, Oostenrijk, Spanje, UK & Zweden = 23 $

Rest of Europe = 32 $

Packages up to 5 kg (shipped from The Netherlands) : Outside Europe = 53 $

Luxemburg, Denemarken, Duitsland, Frankrijk Italie, Oostenrijk, Spanje, UK & Zweden: 31,50 $

Rest of Europe: 40 $


All Records are cleaned on the VPI HW17 Record Cleaner.

All records will be posted in cardboard record mailers with stiffeners. The corners of boxes will be secured with bubble plastic.



Visual & spot-listening.

Please, read them!


When there are specific imperfections on a record (tags, writing, specific damage, specific imperfections in the vinyl, etc…) I will mention them together with the grading.

M : Mint. Only when the record is sealed.

NM : Near Mint.

Record = is as good as new and still very shiny. May have some minor paper scuffs or tiny hairlines. 

Sound = excellent with an occasional minor tick or a minor surface noise. 

Cover = as new with little signs of wear on corners, edges, spine or surface.

VG++ : Very Good++.

Record =  Still very shiny with some hairlines and/or some swipes.

Sound = is still very good with now and then a soft tick  or a soft surface noise. Nothing that is infecting hear-play.

Cover = very good with a bit wear on corners, edges and surface (some ring-wear).

VG+ : Very Good+.               

Record = still shiny but you can see some hairlines and/or some small scuffs across the surface. 

Sound = is still good with sometimes a mild surface noise and/or some short patches of minor, sometimes, mediocre ticking with maybe a plop here or there. Hear-play can be slightly infected in some very small zones. Overall, the sound is still dominating these imperfections. 

Cover = is still looking good but there is some wear on corners, edges and/or spine. There can be some small splits (max 0,50 cm) next to the inlet. There is some surface-wear like ring-wear or maybe some discolorations.

VG : Very Good.

Record = is not really 100 % shiny anymore. There are lines, scuffs and/or swipes across the surface. 

Sound = there is a moderate surface noise, throughout or intermittent, and/or some patches with serious ticks and/or plops. The record doesn’t skip. Hear-play is infected in some zones but the record is still fine for general listening, nothing more.

Cover = there is real wear on corners, edges and spine. There are splits in the seams, serious ring-wear or surface-wear. Look at the photo to have a better idea of the condition.

G : Good.

Record & Sound = when I put a record on Ebay with this grade then it well be a very rare one. In that case I will describe the imperfections on this record in detail.

Cover = this cover has been mended to keep it from falling apart. Look at the photo to have a better idea of the condition.


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