78rpm Folk - Ballads - Josh White, Eithne Golden, George Edwards, etc

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78rpm Folk - Ballads - Josh White, Eithne Golden, George Edwards, etc

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Keyport, NJ

Ballads - George Edwards, Richard Dyer-Bennet, Josh White, Eithne Golden, Aino Karelia, Adolf Stark.

Record 1 - 560

"A" Side: Las Mananitas/Nosa Senora Da Guia (Mexican, Galician - Vocal w/Guitar). Sung by Eithne Golden. Condition: E+, Excellent Plus.

"B" Side: Velisurmaaja (Finnsh - Vocal w/Harp). Sung by Adolf Stark and Aino Karelia. Condition: E+, Excellent Plus.

Record 2 - 560

"A" Side: On The Banks Of Sweet Dundee (English vocal). Sung by George Edwards. Condition: E+, Excellent Plus.

"B" Side: Bonnie Labouring Boy (English Vocal). Sung by George Edwards. Condition: E+, Excellent Plus.

Record 3 - 560

"A" Side: Well, Well, Well (Spiritual, Vocal w/Guitar). Sung by Josh White. Condition: E+, Excellent Plus.

"B" Side: Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (American Vocal w/Guitar). Sung by Richard Dyer Bennet. Condition: E+, Excellent Plus.

Record Size: 12”

Label: Asch Set 560.

Cover Condition: Please note that the cover is completely separated from the interior sleeves. No splits or tears to the interior sleeves.

Additional Information: Cover Art by David Stone Martin.

Please Note: In addition to postage costs, an additional charge for the cost of packing materials (box, corrugated squares, packing peanuts) of $2.75 will be added to each parcel. 


Grading Code:

N- "New minus.", Best possible sample. No wear and minimal effects of age. Minimal

factory "defects" as well: super clean.

E+ "Excellent plus.", Slightly below N or N-. No wear, and again minimal effects of

age. Will have slightly more factory "defects" than N or N- (surface noise, clicks,

pops etc.)

E "Excellent.", some slight evidence of age or handling (fine scratches, scuffs, rubs).

Minimal groove wear. May have some slight surface noise as a function of the

aging of the material from which the record was made (not excessive). May show

some very minor grey traces in grooves.

E- "Excellent minus." Very close to "E" but with slightly more wear from handling

and age. Still minimal groove wear from playing. But, again may show some minor

gray traces.

E-/V+ Threshold for the beginning of noticeable groove wear. Plus more of the usual

culprits: scratches, scuffs, abrasions etc. A record grades E-/V+ does not look

"good" in the way "E" graded records do. E-/V+ plays very nicely though - except some surface noise.

V+ "Very good plus." Obvious wear, but not excessive. Slightly more surface noise.

Not as choice as the higher grades, but what one would expect of a record that

was actually used for many years. And can be still quite enjoyable.

V "Very Good." As "very good" implies the record will still play quite well. However,

there is more wear and tear than with "V+" grade. There is moderate surface


G & F G "Good." Serviceable but not great. Quite a bit of wear. F "Fair." Means fair -

and that's pretty well worn.

Double pluses and minuses are used when needed to more accurately describe a record's

condition (e.g. E-- or E++). A grade/grade (e.g. E/E-) indicates a grade in between the two

grades (e.g. excellent and excellent minus). It does not refer to grades for the different sides of a double sided record


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