2 BRUNO WALTER LP RECORDS, MONO EX-NM Mozart, 'Jupiter' Beethoven, 'Pastorale'
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BRUNO WALTER MONO COLUMBIA MASTERWORKSSPARKLING CLEAN AND GLOSSY VINYL. PLAY TESTED EXCELLENT -- NEAR MINT. THESE RECORDS ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR WITH NOTHING MORE THAN A LIGHT PAPER SCUFF OR TWO.  COVERS ARE NEAR MINT., MOZART IS STILL IN SHRINK WRAP.1)   MOZART / BRUNO WALTER  1961 MONO COLUMBIA MASTERWORKS ML 5655. STILL IN ORIGINAL SHRINK WRAP. 2)  BEETHOVEN / BRUNO WALTER  PASTORALE  1958 MONO COLUMBIA MASTERWORKS  ML 5284PLEASE ZOOM IN ON COVERS AND RECORD LABELS AND SEE HOW CLEAN AND NEWISH THEY ARE. VINYL IS IN SAME CONDITION. BEAUTIFUL COPIES!!********************************PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO REVIEW MY 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK. RECORD GRADING .... AND THE STORY BEHIND THE STOREI strive to grade my records conservatively   and fairly. I have learned over my years of selling vinyl on Ebay that it is best to be conservative, fair and honest. You are going to see the record soon, right? It's not like I can fool you, right? It behooves me to be accurate because there is nothing more irritating than having to pay extra money for shipping a record back to myself and losing money in the process. I have this crazy notion that I enjoy making a profit rather than a loss....SELLING MISREPRESENTED RECORDS IS BAD KHARMAI DO NOT WANT BAD KHARMAALWAYS 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED 
THE GRADINGI go by the Goldmine Grading Guide and here is a link you can copy and paste to view guide. http://www.goldminemag.com/collector-resources/record-grading-101
These guidelines seem to be universally accepted.A quick rundown is as follows (grading is for vinyl only)
MINT Brand new, never been opened. I never assign a mint grading to a record that has been opened.
NEAR MINT   A record that has almost all of its' original factory gloss. The record will be free from all scuffs and marks; a record that is nearly perfect. The sound is superb, clear and clean with no background noise. The label will be free of writing, stains or any imperfections at all.
EXCELLENT  A record that has much of its' original factory gloss.  The record may have a light mark or two; or a paper scuff from being pulled out of paper sleeve repeatedly. This will only influence the playback slightly, if at all. The sound is excellent with very minimal noise if any and that would be in just one specific part of the record.. The label will be free of writing, stains or any imperfections at all. An excellent record is worthy of the top shelf of your record shelf.
VG++ A record that has some to much of its' original factory gloss. The record will have hairline marks and scuffs that will result in some minimal noise; but not to the point of extreme distraction. There are NO skips, pops or tics whatsoever. The sound is very decent but not perfect. The label may have writing on it. The VG++ record still commands a place in a fine record collection, but perhaps not on the top shelf. Please KEEP IN MIND, I tend to GRADE CONSERVATIVELY and my VG++ may be another dealer's excellent.
VG+   A record that has lost much of its' original gloss OR has numerous marks and scuffs. The playback will be somewhat inferior but there will be no major pops or NO skips. The sound can still be quite enjoyable, especially if the noise or imperfection is limited to one part of the record. The label may have moderate wear. The vinyl may have a slight bow or warp but only if it doesn't affect playback at all.
THE STORY BEHIND THE STOREI was in a thrift store over 15 years ago when I noticed a stack of records. Bob Dylan's iconic masterpiece BLONDE ON BLONDE was sitting on top and I found myself oddly mesmerized as I glanced thru the records. There was Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Beatles, Cat Stevens and a few other classic rock records, but I kept going back to that Blonde on Blonde album. It seemed somehow precious to me; as if there MUST be someone out there who would want this. If this wasn't collectible or even valuable, I had a feeling that someday it would be. Call it a good hunch. They seemed to be in really good condition, the vinyl was relatively clean and looked free from any major marks. I found myself purchasing all of them along with a cheap record player that had been donated along with all the records. I went home and set up the record player to my receiver, slipped on Blonde On Blonde and that is when THE OBSESSION began.As soon as the needle hit the groove I was hooked.I started going to thrift stores. estate sales, storage unit sales, secondhand stores, rummage sales, flea markets, yard sales. You name it and if there was a chance that vinyl records were going to be there then I would go and check it out. I bought tons of records over the following decades and I wasn't even re-selling them at first. I  just collected and collected!  There is something magical and fantastic; yet whimsical and playful about records. I thought that at first and I continue to do so. I bought so many records that I had no space for them and had to convince my girlfriend to a convert our extra room into my personal record room. This was shortly before the vinyl resurgence began and I had a few years of collecting records before it became popular. The purest form of recorded music, the highly superior sound of analog, the interactive experience of studying the cover and having to flip the record over and over. There is a bit more effort involved in listening to vinyl but it makes me appreciate the experience of listening to that particular record even more.Of course, as the years have passed record collecting has become not only very popular, hence record re-selling has become fiercely competitive. Yet, with all the people searching for records, and for all the recent popularity....I am still able to turn up a major score every once in a while. Whether I'm at an estate sale and I found the secret lode of near mint jazz records or I'm at a thrift store when they bring out fresh boxes and boxes of records, the thrill of the hunt is still there for me. It is suddenly over 10 years ago and I am once again mesmerized by the Blonde on Blonde record. (I still have it).
I personally do not collect records that fall below a certain threshold, and for me that is my aforementioned VG++. I do not want to damage my needle by playing a subpar record nor do I care to listen to the annoying and distracting background noise that comes along with VG+ vinyl and below.I have sold 1000's of records on Ebay over the past 5 years and I enjoy a 100% positive feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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