12lp mozart zukerman/kogan/bohm/jochum/eschenbach/foldes ex/nm

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Start Price: EUR 3
End Date: 2012-02-05
Start Date: 2012-01-26
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Country: Netherlands
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12lp mozart zukerman/kogan/bohm/jochum/eschenbach/foldes ex/nm








12lp mozart zukerman/kogan/bohm/jochum/eschenbach/foldes ex/nm








I grade visually and have not played/tested my more expensive items. i rarely ever grade them nm- but most of the times when in grade ex, the lp's are like nm. Sometimes little hairlines or skuffs by taking them in and out the cover. covers may vary from vg+ to nm but when badly damaged i will tell. And don't forget the 'keesdraaitdoor' garantee: not satisfied? tell me and i will refund some or all of your money!

 Vinyl grading


never opened and as new as new can get!!


like new, unplayed or probably played once but no signs of use

ex+ or ex++

like new but few superfacial hairlines of paper skuffs which might cause some audible noise. There can be some spindle marks.

vg+ or vg++

when there are tiny marks which might cause soft pops or a scratch that causes loud pops but the lp is too rare to throw away!

Cover grading


never opened and as new as new can get


like new with original inserts and lyric sheets

ex+ or ex++

very slight edgewear or signs of use by someone who took great care!

vg+ or vg++

heavy edge- and ringwear, writing on cover, little tear or whatever!!


I will ship all over the world, it is possible to combine shipping when you buy items in different auctions to save shipping costs. if you want to buy more, pay at the end and tell me when you want me to ship. packing costs will be included in the shipping, i pack professionally in strong cardbox and use polypropyleen and duct tape and use printed adress labels. if total costs lp's are more than 20 euro i will NOT charge payment costs, otherwise 4%! Items over 30 euro will only be sent registered or at buyers risk!

SHIPPING & PACKAGE EUROPE included strong package!!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

0 - <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />10 kilo      holland             7.50 euro  normaal of 9.00 euro  (ptt)

0 - 0.5 kilo      europe              7.00 euro priority  or   8.00 registered (dhl) 

0 - 2 kilo        germany           7.50 euro (dhl)

0 - 2 kilo        europe             13.00 euro safe with tracking to uk, italy, belgium, luxembourg, austria, spain                    sweden (ptt) 0 - 2 kilo         europe             20.00 euro with tracking at all other countries ( 2 – 10 kilo      germany          10.00 euro  (dhl) 10 - 20 kilo    germany           15.00 euro (dhl) up to 20 kilo european part of russia 45.00 euro (dhl)

                                    EU1          EU2  

  2 - 5  kg:                         € 20        |      € 25    

 5 - 10 kg:                         € 26        |      € 32       

10 - 20kg:                         € 35        |      € 40  

EU 1

België, Denemarken (excl. Faeröer Eilanden en Groenland), Duitsland, Frankrijk (incl. Corsica en Monaco), Italië (excl. San Marino

en Vaticaanstad), Luxemburg, Oostenrijk, Spanje (incl. Balearen, excl. Canarische Eilanden), Verenigd Koninkrijk (excl. Gibraltar en

Kanaaleilanden), Zweden.

EU 2

rest of europe



0 - 0.5 kilo      world              8.00 registered             (dhl)

0 - 1 kilo        world              10.00 euro registered  (dhl)

0 – 2 kilo       world              20.00 euro registered  (dhl)


                            Zone 1    Zone 2                                                                             

2-5 kg:                      € 26       |    € 37 (ptt) 5-10 kg:                    € 32       |    € 60 (ptt)     

10-20kg:                   € 42       |    € 90 (dhl)    


Zone 1

Albanië, Andorra, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Canarische Eilanden, Cyprus, Faeröer Eilanden, Gibraltar, Griekenland, Groenland, IJsland, Kanaaleilanden, Kroatië, Liechtenstein, Macedonië, Malta, Moldavië, Montenegro, Noorwegen, Oekraïne, San Marino, Servië, Turkije, Vaticaanstad, Wit-Rusland, Zwitserland

Zone 2

Australië, Brazilië, Canada, China, Hongkong, Israël, Japan, Marokko, Nederlandse Antillen, Nieuw Zeeland, Rusland, Suriname, Verenigde Staten, Zuid Afrika etcetera

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