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Artist Release Name Cat.No. Label Format Year Country
Tahoka FreewayTahoka Freeway  CS8383-45Tahoka Freeway Music7", Single, 45 RPM, Stereo1981US
FreewayPhiladelphia Freeway  314 586 920-1Roc-A-Fella RecordsLP, Album2003US
FreewayPhiladelphia Freeway  DEFF 15816-1Roc-A-Fella RecordsLP, Album, Promo2003US
Freeway (5)Freeway  TXS 131DeccaLP, Album1979UK & Europe
Freeway BandFreeway Band  81559Lava Best TCHLP1981Germany
FreewayPhiladelphia Freeway - DJ Album Sampler  FREEWAYDJ1Roc-a-Fella Records12", Album, Sampler2003Europe
Freeway (14)Freeway  NB 7030New Born RecordsLP, Album1981Canada
Freeway PhilharmonicFreeway Philharmonic  SPT 125Spindletop RecordsLP, Album1988US
FreewayPhiladelphia Freeway  314 586 920-1Roc-A-Fella RecordsLP, Reissue2017US
Freeway (2)In My Dreams  ICE 1012Fosters Ice12"1995UK
FreewayFlipside  DEFR 15849-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", Promo2003US
FreewayLine 'Em Up  DEFR-15613-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", Promo2002US
FreewayThe One  WMCSTZ40334Universal12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM2004UK
FreewayWhat We Do  440 063 846-1Roc-A-Fella Records12"2002US
Leon Mitchison & The Eastex Freeway BandLove Is  SCR-105Soul Cal12", 33 ⅓ RPM2005US
FreewayLine Em' Up  MATRIX-41674-4Roc-A-Fella Records12", Promo2002US
Leon Mitchison & The Eastex Freeway BandStreet Scene  NA5018Now-Again Records12"2005US
FreewayFlipside  FLIPDJ1Roc-A-Fella Records12", Promo2003Europe
Freeway MadnessGo Insane  LHR1001Lofthouse Records (2)12"1995UK
FreewayThe One  MCST40334Universal12"2004UK
FreewayWhere U Been  B0004852-11Roc-A-Fella Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM2005US
FreewayLine 'Em Up / Roc The Mic (Remix)  314 582 947-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM2002US
FreewayWhat We Do  DEFR 15714-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo2002US
FreewayWhere U Been  DEFR 16329-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", Promo2005US
Freeway (5)I Love The Music  F 13824Decca7"1979UK
Freeway MadnessHappy 4 U  LHR1003Lofthouse Records (2)12"1996UK
FreewayT.O.N.Y. Remix / Early In The Game  NS-7035Not On Label12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Unofficial Release, White LabelUS
Freeway (9)Bump-Jive '75  SK 80164Skyline (5)LP, Album1975South Africa
FreewayLine 'Em Up/Roc The Mic (Remix)  DEFR 155731-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo2002US
FreewayRoc The Mic  DEFR 15476-1Def Jam Recordings12", Promo2001US
The FreewayA Campus Life Experience From YFC  FM7117CSFourmostLPUS
Nevada FreewayMoogtown Cowboy  84.17.003YSugar Plum7"1973Belgium
FreewayRoc-A-Fella Billionaires  DEFR 16793-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", Promo2007US
Kentucky FreewayTake Off  BF 18078Bellaphon7", SingleGermany
FreewayFree At Last  B0004853-01Roc-A-Fella RecordsLP2007US
FreewayFlipside  B0000428-11Roc-A-Fella Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM2003US
Freeway FusionDuo  JAJZ001JAJ RecordsLP1985US
Taste FreewayCat & Mouse  Skip 13Broken Rekids7"1992US
Hollywood FreewayI've Been Moved  DM359Deram7", Single1972New Zealand
Freeway 75Boozed  6326 975VertigoLP, Album1974Switzerland
FreewayHarlem / How We Ride  ROC-20134Roc-A-Fella Records12", Promo2002US
FreewayYou Ain't Shit / I Need That / Night Shift  ECC 318East Coast Connection12", Unofficial Release2003US
Kentucky FreewayTake Off / Who Knows What I Need?  06-014Penny Farthing7", 45 RPM, Single1972Spain
Freeway (12)Get The Feelin'  DK-1071Nebula Circle Records7", Stereo1980US
Freeway (6)No Hassle From The Man  PAX2005Peace Feast12", Promo, White Label1995UK
FreewayDiamond In The Ruff  BBG-LP-1072BabygrandeLP, Album, Limited Edition2012US
Freeway (11)Majita  noneTeal RecordsLP, Album1984South Africa
Freeway (11)Stand Up For Your Rights  RBL 159Roy B. RecordsLP, AlbumSouth Africa
Freeway (11)Live It Up  XPD 2369Gallo12", 33 ⅓ RPM1985South Africa
Freeway (11)Keep On Trying  RBL 145Roy B. RecordsLP, AlbumSouth Africa
FreewayIce City  AV 376AV812"2004US
The Southbound FreewayPsychedelic Used Car Lot Blues  TS 67001Tera Shirma7", 45 RPM1967US
Southwest Freeway Rock BandPeople Power  HER 1100BThe Coca-Cola CompanyLP1971US
Freeway (13)Riding High  6357 032PhilipsLP, Album1975Australia
Southbound Freeway (2)Don't Let Go Of Me  SB-701Not On Label7", 45 RPM, SingleCanada
Freeway (15)Out On The Road (...And Out Of Our Minds) / Streamline  SM7 - 108Dynamic Records (10)7", Single1980US
FreewayYou Wanna Be Me / 8 Miles & Running  NS-7103New Series12", Unofficial ReleaseUS
The Southbound FreewayPsychedelic Used Car Lot Blues  R-4739Roulette7", 45 RPM, Promo1967US
FreewayRoc-A-Fella Billionaires  B0009816-11Roc-A-Fella Records12"2007US
FreewayWhat You Want  noneDef Jam Recordings12"US
Hollywood FreewayI've Been Moved  DM 359Deram7", 45 RPM, Single, Promo1972UK
Max Bennett & FreewayInterchange  TB 227TBA RecordsLP1987USA & Canada
Freeway (16)Off The Streets  6221Big Girl Records (2)LP, Album1979US
Freeway (17)Same Old Song  4 C006-96935MCA Records, Inc.7", Single1975Belgium
FreewayFantasy Real  FRA-2002Not On Label12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single, PromoUS
The FreewayWe Can Do It  DB-7026Dopebrother Records7", 45 RPM2014US
Freeway (13)Ridin' High  6037 068Philips7", Mono1975Australia
FreewayMove Out  877-935-6514Not On Label (Red Cafe)12", 33 ⅓ RPM2002US
Leon Mitchison & The Eastex Freeway BandStreet Scene / Love Is  8025Mitchitone Records7", 45 RPM, SingleUS
Freeway (18)Right Now, Good Vibrations  M. 17448London Records7", 45 RPM, Single1973Canada
Hollywood FreewayI Been Moved  45-7534Deram7", 45 RPM, Single, Promo1972US
Freeway (11)Majita  RBL 129World Record Co.LP, Album1984Kenya
Hollywood FreewayI've Been Moved  TH 10Threshold Records7", 45 RPM, Single, Promo1972UK
Freeway 75I'm A King Bee  6028 975Vertigo7", 45 RPM, Single1973Switzerland
Freeway 75Santa Fe  6028 977Vertigo7", 45 RPM, Single1975Switzerland
Freeway 75Shake It  6028 976Vertigo7", 45 RPM, Single1974Switzerland
Freeway (19)Looking For A Way  HEJ S 011Aktiv Musik7", 45 RPM, Single1985Sweden
Leon Mitchison & the Eastex Freeway BandAstro Mastro  2412Mitchitone Records7"1979US
The Southbound FreewayRevelations  4272Swan7", 45 RPM1966US
Hollywood FreewayYou're The Song (That I Can't Stop Singing)  7N 45273Pye Records7", 45 RPM1973UK
Freeway (5)That Was The Greatest Song  FR 13843Decca7", Promo1979UK
Freeway (25)Jump Up And Turn Around  PAL 1Paladin7", 45 RPM, Single1975UK
Freeway (25)Jump Up And Turn Around  PAL 1Paladin7", 45 RPM, Single1975UK
Westbound FreewayRight Or Wrong / Jamaican Jam  3373Fraternity Records7", 45 RPM, SingleUS
The Southbound FreewayPsychedelic Used Car Lot Blues  R-4739Roulette7", 45 RPM1967US
Hollywood FreewayI've Been Moved  DM 359Deram7", 45 RPM, Single1972UK
Leon Mitchison & the Eastex Freeway BandWhat Cha Need  8024Mitchitone Records7", 45 RPMUS
Southbound Freeway (3)Roll With It / Don't Go Cryin'  45-6690ATCO Records7", 45 RPM, Promo1969US
Duma Na Freeway BoysIdlozi  SLL 4004SondelaLP, Album1975
FreewayLine 'Em Up  DEFR 15573-1Roc-A-Fella Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo2002US
The FreewayWe Can Do It  RR7783Rama Records (3)7", 45 RPM, PromoUS
Freeway (12)Non-Stop  MB #1009Match Box RecordsLP, Album, Stereo1981US
Freeway (12)Help Yourself  PPU-076Peoples Potential UnlimitedLP, Test Pressing2016US
Freeway (12)Help Yourself  PPU-076Peoples Potential UnlimitedLP, Album2016US
FreewayMello  Roc 1053Not On Label12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo
Freeway (5)I Love The Music  PF 13824 FDecca7", 45 RPM, Single1979Portugal
Freeway (26)On The Road  noneNot On LabelLP, Album1976US
The Southbound FreewayPsychedelic Used Car Lot Blues  R 4739Roulette7", 45 RPM, Single1967Canada
Mike Hugg's FreewayWichita / No Love In The City  2058 805Polydor7", Single, 45 RPM1976UK
Freeway (17)Same Old Story  MCA-40431MCA Records7", 45 RPM, Promo, Mono1975US
Hollywood FreewayYou're The Song (That I Can't Stop Singing)  11636-APye Records7", 45 RPM1973Spain
The L.A. FreewayFreedom  HA-0857Kyra7", 45 RPM, Single1970US
Kentucky FreewayTake Off  55,001Penny Farthing7", 45 RPM, Single, Mono1972US
FreewayWe Get Around  FW-718Not On Label12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Freeway (28)Nosey Road Band  ACP 653GalloLP, Album1983South Africa
Kentucky FreewayTake Off  6067 030Penny Farthing7", 45 RPM, SingleNetherlands
Yvonne SheltonFreeway (The Freeway Mixes)  SEAMSIN 004Seamless Recordings12", White Label, Test Pressing2005UK
Strategy (5)Cruise / Freeway  SMA 26Bear Necessities12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM2001UK
MenisHamburger / Loading Up The Freeway  atom 008Atomic Records12", 45 RPM2000UK
Copa AmericaPamona Freeway  vegas019Lost Vegas12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM, Maxi-Single2001Europe
VariousFreeway  SONIC360V001Sonic36012"UK
Toni BraxtonHit The Freeway  82876 50637 1Arista12"2003UK
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  AD1-9355Arista12", 33 ⅓ RPM1985US
Toni BraxtonFreeway  FREEWAY12Arista12", Promo2001UK
Vincent & QuentinFreeway  agr012-6Afterglow Records12"2003Germany
Toni BraxtonHit The Freeway (Matrix & Danny J Remix)  BRAX 001Not On Label (Toni Braxton)12", Single Sided, Unofficial Release2003UK
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love (The Pink Cadillac Mix)  ARIST 22624Arista12", 45 RPM1985UK
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  601 797Arista12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single1985Europe
GrandaddyUnder The Western Freeway  ABB 152Big CatLP, Album1998UK
King MidasHigh On Dallas Freeway  ÉL 007Éllet Records10", 33 ⅓ RPM2002Norway
Toni BraxtonHit The Freeway (Qualifide Remixes)  KUSHTI KUTZ 02Kushti Kutz12", Unofficial Release2002UK
LoonHit The Freeway  07822-15196-1Arista12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single2002US
Aretha FranklinNew Attitude / Freeway of Love  SPEC-1487Unidisc12"1990Canada
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  107 387Arista7", 45 RPM, Single1985Europe
SoularisFreeway (Remixes)  SEAMSIN 004Seamless Recordings12"2005UK
Yvonne SheltonFreeway  UL 1328-6Ultra Records12"2005US
KonoFreeway To Love  AMR 007American Records12", 45 RPM1985Italy
VariousFreeway #2°  24 0488-1WEALP, Compilation1984Italy
Toni BraxtonHit The Freeway (Mr. Chu Mixes)  MC 001Not On Label (Toni Braxton)12", Unofficial Release, White Label2002UK
Current ValueFreeway / Simple Things  No!Breaks 001No!Breaks Records12"2005Germany
VariousNeighborhood Rhythms (Patter Traffic)  FRWY 213Freeway RecordsLP, Compilation1984US
Toni BraxtonHit The Freeway  NOKIA 002Not On Label (Toni Braxton)12", 45 RPM, Unofficial Release2003UK
Prophets On TVDon't Bring Me Down / Freeway Zone  BOY 8802-12BOY Records12", 45 RPM1988Germany
The Unidentified Singing ObjectsThe Experience / The Ballad Of Emma Lou In C Major (Happy Birthday To You)  TW-4Freeway Records (3)7", 45 RPM1967US
Toni BraxtonHit The Freeway (Remixes)  ARDP-5222Arista12", Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM2002US
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  X 13213Arista12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition1985Australia
Tarot & MarbachFreeway  BVR 12062Black Vinyl Records12"UK
Peaches & HerbFreeway  PRO 165Polydor12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo, Mono1981US
Frogger (2)Dropper  FW 01Freeway Sounds12"US
Love Unlimited OrchestraYoung America / Freeway Flyer  4Z8-1414Unlimited Gold12", Single, 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo1980US
Cyclone (5)Galactica / Freeway  F.I. 001First Indication Recordings12", 33 ⅓ RPM1997UK
Peaches & HerbReunited / Shake Your Groove Thing / Freeway / Roller Skatin' Mate  POSPX 604Polydor12", 45 RPM, Compilation1982UK
Little Richard BandWorking Hard / Freeway Crowd  CB002Crowbar Records7", Single, Reissue2005UK
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  ARIST 12624Arista12"1985UK
Unknown ArtistWork It On The Freeway  WORK001Not On Label (Missy Elliott)12", Single Sided, 45 RPM, Unofficial Release2003
Charles BukowskiHostage  FRWY 1058Freeway RecordsLP, Album1985US
20/20Giving It All / Under The Freeway  6.12 463Line Records7", 45 RPM, Single1979Germany
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  K-9756Arista7"1985US
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  ARIST 12-624Arista12", Promo1985UK
VariousFreeway  229241780 1WEALP, Compilation1989Italy
Eclipse 427The Concept  FWR 2001Freeway Records (2)12", Promo2002Japan
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  AS1-9354Arista7"1985Canada
Aretha FranklinAnother Night (Zoomin' To The Freeway 12" Mega-Mix)  ARIST 32657Arista12", 45 RPM, Partially Mixed1986UK
Luke BowditchFreeway  DRR12002Drum Ride Recordings12"2007Australia
The Barry White SingersYoung America / Freeway Flyer  ZS9 1413Unlimited Gold7", Single1980US
CassioFreeway  EASI 003East Side Records (3)12"1996Italy
Marty BalinHearts / Freeway  8084EMI America7", 45 RPM, Single1981US
AC/DCFreeway To Maryland  noneNot On Label (AC/DC)LP, Unofficial Release2009Germany
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  AS1-9354Arista7", 45 RPM1985US
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  AD1-9355Arista12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo1985US
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  AD1-9355Arista12"1985Canada
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  ARIST 624Arista7", 45 RPM, Single1985UK
Debbie SharpOn A Night Like Tonight  FWE-100DJFreeway Records (4)Maxi-Single, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo1986US
Kira SkovThe Rail Train, The Meadow, The Freeway And The Shadows  MR0003Mermaid Records (3)LP, Album2008Europe
Julius SteinhoffNeurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret Freeway / Something Like Wonderful  SMALLVILLE 17Smallville Records12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM2009Germany
Lynne HughesFreeway Gypsy  SRF-67611FontanaLP, Album1970US
VariousStart Spreadn' The News/ Rydn' On The Freeway/ They Ain't Rydn'/ We Rydn'  Free 215Not On Label12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Unofficial Release2004US
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love / Jump To It  AFS-9483Flashback Records (4)7", 45 RPM, ReissueUS
Howard RobertsAntelope Freeway  AS-9207Impulse!LP, Album, Stereo1971US
The Pretty ThingsFreeway Madness  BS 2680Warner Bros. RecordsLP, Promo1973US
VariousFreeway International  2292 41982 1WEALP, Compilation1990Italy
VariousFreeway Estate  24 0922-1WEALP, Compilation1986Italy
VariousFreeway Estate 88  24 1386-1WEALP, Compilation1988Italy
Aretha FranklinFreeway Of Love  ARIST 624Arista7", Single, 45 RPM1985UK
Love Unlimited OrchestraYoung America / Freeway Flyer  4Z8-1414Unlimited Gold12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single1980US
Gerry Mulligan QuartetBernie's Tune / Freeway  45/V 2158Vogue Productions7", 45 RPM, Single1956UK
Peaches & HerbFreeway  2095 396Polydor7", 45 RPM, Single1981Netherlands
The Pretty ThingsFreeway Madness  BS 2680Warner Bros. RecordsLP, Album1973US
VariousEnglish As A Second Language (Talking Package)  E 1031Freeway RecordsLP, Album1983US
Toni BraxtonHit The Freeway  82876-50973-7Arista7", Single2003US
20/20Giving It All / Under The Freeway  115Bomp!7", 45 RPM1978US
Laurence AllisonFreeway  10.005Adda7", SingleFrance
VariousFreeway  24 0409-1WEALP, Compilation1984Italy
Wanda ColemanTwin Sisters  FRWY 1057Freeway RecordsLP, Album1985US
VariousFreeway Estate '86 - Dance Remix  24 0923-1WEALP, Compilation1986Italy
Jethro TullFarm On The Freeway (Edit)  VAS 2866Chrysalis12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single, Promo1987US
Richmond FontaineWe Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River  DIV 018LPDiverse RecordsLP, Album2009Europe
VariousFreeway  1263Melodi PlakLP, Compilation1984Turkey
Eric DunbarFreeway  THLP140Think! RecordsLP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress2010Japan
The Fugitives (10)Freeway / Fugitive  45-115Sims Records7", Single, 45 RPM1960US
Vicki Sue RobinsonFreeway Song  JH-11280RCA7", 45 RPM, Promo1978US
Toni BraxtonFreeway  noneHeathmans Mastering12", 45 RPM2002UK
Oliver SchoriesOrgan Freeway Ep  KLA08Klangfarbe Schallplatten10", EP2011Germany
Vincent & QuentinFreeway  agr012-6Afterglow Records12", Promo, White Label2003Germany
Debbie SharpOn A Night Like Tonight  FWE-100Freeway Records (4)12", 33 ⅓ RPM1986US
GrandaddyUnder The Western Freeway  CGO072The Control GroupLP, Album, Reissue2011US
VariousFreeway - 15 Grandi Successi  24 1494-1WEALP, Compilation1988Italy
The Fugitives (10)Freeway / Fugitive  5014Arvee7", Single, 45 RPM1960US
Peaches & HerbFreeway  PD 2178Polydor7", 45 RPM1981US
John DenverFreeway Of Love / Don't Close Your Eyes, Tonight  990.0048RCA Victor12", Promo1985Brazil

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  hear: "freeway" by FREEWAY jazz bossa funk private new born insert


565 USD

  Freeway Band ?– Freeway Band LP 1st PRESS KRAUTROCK 1981 81559 PRIVATE PRESS


26 EUR
(28 USD)

  Eric Dunbar Freeway 814 TSG 814 RARE funk soul lp


3700 USD



2010 GBP
(2538 USD)

  Funk/Soul LP Eric Dunbar Freeway TSG Original Pressing 1976 Tax Scam


2135 USD



1500 GBP
(1894 USD)

  rare soul funk ERIC DUNBAR Freeway TSG LP


1009 USD

  Freeway "Non Stop" (1981) LP : Rare Soul / Private / Near Mint


787 USD

  J.T. ALLEN Freeway Crowd FUNK 45 BREAK MP3


809 USD

  holy grail funk soul ERIC DUNBAR Freeway TSG LP SEALED


649 USD

  Funk 45 - J.T. Allen - Freeway Crowd - Delmar - NM mp3


565 USD

  FREEWAY 1981 - Private Monster Xian Modern Soul / Boogie Funk Near Mint LP Hear


590 USD



566 USD

  FREEWAY 1981 - Private Monster Xian Modern Soul / Boogie Funk LP record


575 USD

  funk 45 J.T Allen "Freeway Crowd"


568 USD

  Funk Breaks 45 - J.T. Allen - Freeway Crowd - Delmar - VG+ mp3


490 USD

  FREEWAY S/T Private 1981 Xian Boogie Funk Modern Soul NEW BORN NM mp3


521 USD



510 USD

  RARE Northern Soul SOUTHBOUND FREEWAY (Tony Galla) 45


500 USD

  Hank De Mano-Quartet In Concert-Freeway 555-VERY RARE


493 USD



450 USD

  J. T. Allen "Freeway Crowd" (Delmar) X-over Soul Funk break 45 ?


466 USD

  FUNK 45 J.T. Allen "Freeway Crowd" on DELMAR Guaranteed ORIGINAL


450 USD

  RARE - Freeway - Modern Soul -Xian -Boogie -Funk - Private Press - w/ Insert


425 USD

  Tony Galla / Southbound Freeway - northern soul 45


437 USD

1 to 25 of 500 items found for 'freeway'
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